Prof. Maciej Kosieradzki about Polish researches in the field of transplantology:

‘We can see vast opportunities opening ahead of us.’ Research work on the innovative Polish NanOX organ storage system is entering increasingly advanced stages. In an interview with Prof. Maciej Kosieradzki, head of the Department of General and Transplant Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of Medical University of Warsaw, we asked him how the […]

NanoGroup S.A. continues advanced works on an innovative organ perfusion fluid and device

For 18 years now, January 26 has been the National Transplantation Day. Transplantation is one of the areas close to NanoGroup S.A.’s business. The company recently announced study results for a system it is developing for the extracorporeal organ storage for transplantation, allowing it to move on to the next phases of the system’s development. […]